Our Process

At Nikki Klugh Design Group, we believe you should spend your life living in spaces you’re madly in love with. Our homes are where we return for restoration after we’ve been living “out there” in a very fast-paced, chaotic world. Our process starts with understanding what is truly important to you. From there we handle all of the details.

Live in
Everyday Luxury

Let us show you how.

Live in Everyday Luxury

Let us show you how.

Our Team

Our team believes that every space in your home can and should feel luxurious and restorative. And every space should support your mental, physical and spiritual health so you can live better every day. Every space should magnify your service to others and to your prosperity accordingly. And it all starts at the source—your home.

This is Nikki Klugh Design Group’s specialty: Creating spaces that restore, inspire, create and empower. We will make sure you come home to your own personal sanctuary. We are ready to serve you in the capacity that works well for you, whether it’s taking care of every single detail from conception to completion or acting as your consultant to ensure you make sound decisions. We can help. Our years of training and lifelong quest for beauty and harmony will serve you well. A little more about each of us…


Nikki N. Klugh CEO/Principal Designer

It’s not often you come across an Interior Designer that has the ability to change the atmosphere of your environment. To literally change the feeling of a home and transform it into a haven you can sink into after a long day at work ­ your own personal sanctuary. That’s Nikki KlughR... View More


Charlaine E. Carter COO/Office Manager

Organization can be a learned skill, but for Charlaine, it’s inherent. She was born to organize and beautify not only my surroundings but those around her. She was blessed to be born into a family that was not afraid of color, texture, and defying the tried and true rules when it came to decor... View More