Charlaine E. Carter


Organization can be a learned skill, but for Charlaine, it’s inherent. She was born to organize and beautify not only my surroundings but those around her.

She was blessed to be born into a family that was not afraid of color, texture, and defying the tried and true rules when it came to decorating a home. In her home back in the 70’s, her father was a carpenter, painter, electrician, and all around handy man besides his paid vocation. He built furniture such as a triple bunk bed unit that was painted bright orange and yellow and attached to the wall. Her bedding was a mosaic of textures that had orange and yellow but so much more. Her bedroom walls were decorated with painted strips of wood that were hung vertically. Back then it was not called molding it was called, “Charles’ way”. She brings that knowledge of the mechanics of decorating when first looking at a project then she encourages the person to just go for it by bringing in their personality, use of the room and who else is sharing the space with them.

Charlaine loves that Nikki Klugh Design Group is a Holistic design group that considers also the health of the person and how decorating their space can support them mentally, spiritually and physically. Even though her bend seems to be towards interior design she has taken a different path and used her interior design bend since college to infuse life into events such as cultural events, political rallies, any kind of parties, repasts, open houses and her favorite event for many years has been weddings. While the Banquet Manager of Market Creek Events & Venue (MCEV) she had the honor of being the event planner for many cultural events and weddings. Her most memorable one was an Eritrean wedding that lasted 2 full days. While at MCEV she was the planner of 330 events in 365 days. Some days she had as many as 5 different events going on at the same time in the 7 different venues on site. That was fun!

All of that experience coupled with her love of people make her the perfect team member to manage client accounts. Charlaine has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from SDSU is where my interest in organizing was nurtured. Sociology is the study about connections made between people, cultures, and organizations. I completed another leg on my journey by returning to SDSU and getting a professional certification in Meeting & Event Planning.