Polish Off Your Design: How to Accessorize & Glam Up Your Rooms


Accessories complete and add style to any room. They are the intricate details that add visual interest, warmth, texture, color, and dimension to any space; and are often times the little details that make such a big impact. The function and purpose of accessories are to polish your design, pull your room together and tie in elements of your “new” space. Think of accessories as the jewelry of your design. Just as accessories complete and jazz up a look in the fashion world, they do the same in the interior design industry as well. A design is never complete without accessories.

When accessorizing your home, think in terms of creating vignettes all around your space. Each vignette is a new opportunity to introduce a grouping of accessories to add the finishing touches to your spaces. Make sure that the vignettes in each room relate back to each other and support your overall design. What’s a vignette? The easiest way to visualize a vignette is by thinking of designer showrooms. Showrooms are made of many different groupings of vignettes to display their furniture and accessories.

Depending on the space plan and furniture layouts of your rooms you have groupings of furniture that need to be polished off with accessories. In your living and family rooms, your coffee and end tables, console tables, bookshelves, as well as the fireplace mantel and hearth, are a few examples of places that could be jazzed up with accessories. In your bedroom, a few key pieces on your dresser and nightstands can create a more intimate feeling to your design. Let’s not forget walls, they are the biggest blank canvases we have in our spaces and are often times overlooked and neglected.

Now, I bet you’re wondering where you go from here? Let’s begin with a few guidelines for accessorizing your spaces. Then, we’ll show you how you can accessorize for your specific design style.



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