Praise & Testimonials

We make clients happy through luxurious space transformation. Everyday life becomes more enjoyable when you are living in your perfect space ­ designed just for you. The far­reaching effects of Nikki Klugh Design Group’s work are evident not only by the number of clients served, but more importantly the impact felt in each individual client’s home and life. Here is just a sampling of what people are saying:

- Margaret Larsen, Realtor

- Lisa Nichols, Founder/CEO Motivating the Masses


We hired Nikki Klugh Design Group to prepare for a women’s retreat. We
 specifically wanted to create a luxurious atmosphere of warmth, pampering
and comfort. On her initial visit, Nikki went through an interview and we created a plan
 for manifesting our goal. At that same time, Nikki began to move the 
furniture to create the vision. It’s amazing what the strategic placement 
of chairs, couches and a love seat can do to a room. We immediately felt 
the shift in our living room and family room.

 Next, she matched the color selection of paint and wallpaper that brought 
all the colors together. It was amazing to watch her skill, talent and
 ability to make the subtle distinction in colors and to even offer 
assistance to me over the phone.

Nikki of Nikki Klugh Design Group has a natural gift and ability to see
your vision of a space and create it. She and her team work within your 
budget and are meticulous about details.

 The vendors Nikki coordinated were perfectly aligned with our vision and
 were reliable with the installation. I was recently at the Mandarin 
Oriental in San Francisco, CA and looked up and saw the same ceiling paper
as in my home – I smiled. I would absolutely hire Nikki again for any future project. It is clear 
that she loves design
, helping 
her clients and is passionate about bringing your vision to life and
creating the sacred space that you desire for your home, office or business.

- Jenenne Macklin, Owner of Consciously Creating Your Life

5 - D

Nikki, you are a miracle worker! You have transformed the rooms in our home giving them a new look and feel that adds beauty, order and an uplifting sense of well being. We love how you’ve created cozy elegant rooms to celebrate, have professional meetings as well as relax with a cup of tea. Thank you for the beauty you create and the commitment you have for your clients!

- Janna Walldinger, Owner of Art and Clarity Photography

- Gwen Pierce Owner, The Chocolate Voice

- Kathleen Yetter, Engineer

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“Nikki is wonderful to work with. She went above and beyond to help me create a home that I love. She is very personable and gave great ideas. I asked her to helped me chose colors for my home and she took time to really understand what it was that made me happy. She even worked with the existing furniture and decor in my home.

Nikki also gave me suggestions on how to make my bedroom more welcoming and I love the results! I always felt very comfortable and she gave lots of great of ideas that I would never have thought about. Before my home was white and uninspiring. Now, I love walking into my home because it’s so cheerful and full of life. I am so please with everything that Nikki helped me do!

- Shirley Wixon, Retired Office Manager

5 - H

I first started working with Nikki Klugh on a master bath remodel. Nikki first did a lengthy interview to get to know our lifestyle, how we viewed our home, what styles we liked/didn’t like and what we wanted for the future. I was very impressed that she was able to tune in to the essence of what I was looking for on all these projects based on that discussion. In particular, she caught the European contemporary look in materials/ideas that were 95% perfect from the outset and then we tweaked the final 5%.

She brought ideas that I would not have thought of that were a real enhancement and she was also not afraid to push me “outside the box” a little. The result is that I have a scheme that reflects what I was looking for, that is cohesive, and that has a little pizzazz with the successful inclusion of a couple of outside the box ideas.

I like to think i have a reasonable eye for design but she took me beyond what I could have done myself, got me to a result more quickly than I would have done alone and brought valuable expertise. For example, the construction documents she provided for my contractor were very detailed and extremely precise. They were above and beyond what I expected and precisely what I needed to communicate effectively to my contractor the exact plan for the remodel. I wanted a unique treatment for my shower that she and the contractor were able to provide through their ability to meet the local code requirements.

One thing I noticed about Nikki’s portfolio is that there were some schemes in there that I loved and some which I really didn’t like one bit. However, I saw that as a very good omen. The schemes I didn’t like were well planned but completely not to my taste, which for me was evidence that Nikki took the essence of what her clients wanted and designed to that, instead of only being able to design to one particular look. I had interviewed a designer with an extensive portfolio where everything followed a particular theme, and I was very wary of a designer that designed what appealed to them rather than me. With Nikki, she has an amazing empathy to absorb multiple facets of our lifestyle and turn it into great design.

Nikki is also a great pleasure to work with. She has a warm interpersonal style and a professionalism to deliver a great result. I have already recommended her twice.

- Jane Booth, Director of Sales at Globalization Partners

- Seth O’Byrne, Broker Pacific Sotheby’s Realty